Title: Collection of scientific works “Pedagogical Innovations: Ideas, Realities, Perspectives”


ISSN 2413-4139

DOI 10.32405/2413-4139 

Founders: Institute of Gifted Child of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine


Certificate of a publishing subject entry to the state register of publishers, manufacturers and distributors of publishing production Series DK No. 6081 dated March 14, 2018.

The Edition was founded in 2005.


Institute of Gifted Child of NAPS of Ukraine in accordance with the agreement “On Transfer of Rights and Duties of the Mass Media Founder” dated May 07, 2014, became the founder of the periodical edition “Pedagogical Innovations: Ideas, Realities, Perspectives”.

The problem area

On the pages of scientific works collection “Pedagogical Innovations: Ideas, Realities, Perspectives” of the Institute of Gifted Child of NAPS of Ukraine scientists:


raise the issue of innovative technologies’ implementation in educational institutions of different types and forms of ownership, which contribute to the content improvement in the educational process, the upbringing process of the younger generation of Ukrainians, the improvement of scientific-methodical support in the educational services provision;

share and exchange experiences of innovative activities: academics - innovative theoretical developments, and practicians, in particular, the experience that improves the quality of educational process’ leadership and its scientific-methodical support;

highlight the problems of adult education, solving the problem of continuing education for a lifetime in the context of Ukraine joining the European educational community.


The professional scientific edition, which publishes the research results of our scientists about the giftedness phenomenon, the practical achievements of outstanding pedagogues of Ukraine in the organization of educational process for the development of students’ talents, is popular among leading Ukrainian scientists, doctoral students, postgraduates and creative teachers. The Editorial Board is constantly working on the quality improvement of the Edition.


Edition of open access.


Schedule of articles’ submission to the scientific periodical in 2019


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