All manuscripts are initially considered by a Scientific Editor in order to assess their relevance to the topics and journal requirements.


The manuscripts are subject to independent blind review (the reviewer does not know who authored the article). According to the results of the review, the decision is made regarding the expediency of the publication or the necessity of their revision by the authors taking into account the comments.

The review procedure involves verifying that the title of the article is consistent with its content; presence of novelty; relevance and completeness of the materials, methods and results of the study, as well as the validity of the conclusions (execution time: 5-10 days).

After the article is received it is sent to the blind reviewing. Getting the response from Reviewers is an important step. In the case of comments, the Author must take them into consideration and resubmit a corrected manuscript.

If there are no comments from the Reviewers or they are corrected by the Author according to the recommendations, the article is sent for editing.

The qualification of all Reviewers correspond to the level of the professional edition.  The review process is honest, objective, impartial and timely.